San Francisco Public Montessori is a first-of-its-kind program in the San Francisco Unified School District, bridging pre-k and elementary, SFPM is at once innovative and proven. Montessori schools have been helping children learn and grow around the world for more than 100 years.Offering a world class educational method in a diverse, urban public setting, our school is dedicated to Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy of 'education life' and to providing equity and access for all San Francisco families. 

San Francisco Public Montessori began as a pilot program of San Francisco Unified School District's Child Development Program. Modeled on the highly successful Milwaukee Public Montessori Schools, SFPM was created as part of a strategic plan to help deal with ongoing racial isolation and concentration of low income students in particular schools by offering innovation and a new curricular choice for parents.

And what a success it has been! Thanks to tremendous parent enthusiasm for the program, it has become as ethnically and socio-economically diverse as any school in the district. Families from every corner of the city have sought out SFPM because of the unique opportunity to provide their children with an authentic Montessori education in public school. Children from a wide variety of backgrounds are working together, learning and thriving.

What began as just one primary classroom at the Dr. William Cobb Child Development Center in 2005 has now grown to an enrollment of over 175 children, Pre-K through Grade 5. In August of 2010, we moved in to our current home, the historic school building at 2340 Jackson Street at Webster.